The writer

Hi there! I'm Tiia, 18 years old girl from the mighty Finland. I am the author of this blog, as you might have noticed.

I like...

  • listening to music and going to concerts. I consider myself as a metalhead, but some outside-the-box-artists belong to my playlists too.
  • fashion, mostly alternative.
  • make-up, even though I don't wear it that much in my everyday routines.
  • everything shiny and glittery.
  • animals, especially horses, cats, dogs and mouses.
  • my boyfriendduh.
  • sleeping. My bed is my best friend.
  • colorful hair
  • second hand shops
  • sentenced candles, I could just live with their smells as my nutrition.
  • hot chocolate, coffee and pizza.

I dislike...

  • slow wi-fi, the thing what drives me the most insane.
  • people who are rude, ignorant or annoying
  • people who think climate change isn't a "real thing"
  • early mornings
  • feeling cold, so basically when temperature goes under 22 degrees, haha.